No blue and white stripes, how to call shirt control

In addition to white shirt, girls in the closet or the need for more refreshing, but sometimes elements. Want to go, or stripes with the current weather on the board. With the same, have the ability to white shirt with the classic and refreshing degree of a fight, I am afraid that only blue and white striped shirt.

Ordinary blue and white stripes may be more passers-by, if you do not have the confidence to wear out the color, then, in fact, you can try to play something new, choose some cartoon style, this look to know from the Comme des Garçons PLAY The ▼

If you want to wear a shirt into a skirt that is difficult to see the visual, you only need to white shirt and blue and white lines with two pieces just like, remember to be a long short, take that piece can choose irregular Of the clothes, light leg wear or with denim hot pants are ok. If you think the stack is more difficult to wear out the feeling does not matter, directly wear long version of the shirt skirt, with a belt to pull the waist line. ▼

Before talking about a sweater inside a dress, this approach also applies to the shirt, but this way to wear the law can not be so clever to unlock the shirt three or two buttons, and must be buckled up will not seem neither fish nor fowl. ▼

But the summer is more comfortable with shorts friends, casually put a few layers of the sleeves, the shirt hem down into the pants, pedal pairs of white shoes will be able to take to the streets, with a pair of flat Lace Up Sandal is a good choice. But if you are wearing a short version of the sleeve in the shirt, then do not have the clothes. ▼

How can it be cold all year round can come in handy wide leg pants it, the shirt can buy a big size, so that it can naturally be stuffed into the next suit, with the wide leg pants with it does not seem to look up and down the tightness is not coordination. If you buy the style too close, with the pants outside the pants will feel uncomfortable with the whole body. ▼

Wear stripes, especially stripes, always more than thin stripes need more courage and body, because the temperament can not afford it is easy to old ten years old, loose invisible like a vegetable market aunt. If you really want to challenge you can try light-colored lines, such as pink baby blue. ▼

If your shirt color is dark, the tone can also be downloaded, you may wish to try dark green. ▼

If you have a pair of envious big legs, I do not recommend you wear hot pants, because you do not need to show his legs, a solid color high waist trumpet trousers can also throw away passers-by street, black and white and dark blue can. ▼

If you have to say that wide leg pants was short, shorts were legs thick, high waist pants dare not wear, then the most you can not refute, the most close to the single product only this black pants. ▼

Black pants feet most suitable for use with loose Oversized shirt, in general, five five body wearing Boyfriend Jeans really loss, not showing the body does not say you will be visually compressed you a few centimeters. ▼

Before the article specifically recommended a lot of style is very personalized to fight money, this shirt highlights itself is very obvious, so no need to worry about how to Daoteng, and even the rules to wear no problem. If it is Gigi this paragraph do not let people feel a sense of oppression, unlock the two buttons, inadvertently revealed the most cost-effective look. ▼

Like the simple nature of the neutral style, then you should choose the shirt when the most should be given priority is the type of material, it is recommended not to choose soft texture, cotton Oxford spinning or blended fabrics will do. Of course, wearing a dull black can be replaced by small white pants. ▼

There is not a blue and white stripes, how to call shirt control

With the little pants like wild unbeaten single product is jeans, and whether it is a white shirt or striped shirt are the same reason ~

Short hair girls can easily put the fine wrinkles of the shirt dress is very cool, you do not have to pile up any masculine single product, as long as a Mom Jeans, and then with a prominent black or other dark lines of the wide belt. ▼

The most handsome way to wear the law is the first half of the shirt hem into the jeans, hand side of the party will not roll trousers does not matter, a direct rule of the moment volume is enough. Yes, while the weather is not too hot too outrageous, so that the boots out of the sun, and then over a period of time can be collected into the cupboard. ▼

But the southerly girl should feel the spring of the "warm", and even recently so frequent rainy days, in addition to a little cooler sooner or later, the average temperature is still high, so only open toe and exposed foot shoes is Love. ▼

Conventional models of short-sleeved shirt upper body effect is very general, if the suspected sleeve sleeves trouble to choose a short length of the shirt, the buttons all buckle up, according to the body with the appropriate Skinny Jeans, slightly fat body to avoid as much as possible Light blue, there is the kind of clear effect of whitening. ▼

A scarf enough to make people feel like a spring breeze like the wonderful spring does not have to wait for the scarf to wait until the summer. ▼

Privately that the most feminine wear method is always a shirt with a half skirt. Remember the poem that took 500 hours of Carven handmade wedding dress, is absolutely love powder, in March to attend the brand in Hong Kong's new store activities, was wearing this one is his home 2016 spring and summer series. ▼

Girl full of secret is to wear some bright and sunshine color, light yellow and bright yellow have the same effect, but the former is more demure, while the latter is more lively. ▼

Blue and white vertical shirt with dark blue skirt no doubt is a perfect match. If it is the kind of bat sleeve short version of the shirt, with dark denim skirt with a very waist, was high at the same time can cover the meat. Light-colored assembly on the low degree of low skirt will be lining the skin color is more white, and then in the lower part of the clothes to make a beautiful knot, bright and moving. ▼

Office workers can be used to match with the black pencil skirt, skirt length depends on your own situation set, the general knee style is generous and dignified, of course, a little long point is possible, as long as you do not think walking is depressed On the line. If you are wearing a short mini skirt or envelope skirt, you can tie a black jacket in the waist, so that the effect will be a lot of low-key. ▼