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Eugen yarn dress, piercing the perfect body!

Every girl wants to have a good body, especially in this hot summer, because only they have a good body to be able to wear good-looking clothes, but the fact is not the case, in fact, a good-looking and self-cultivation of the European root yarn Dress can not only make your personal image looks more perfect, but also better able to modify your body, so that your body looks more perfect, so a good body can actually wear out.

No blue and white stripes, how to call shirt control

In addition to white shirt, girls in the closet or the need for more refreshing, but sometimes elements. Want to go, or stripes with the current weather on the board. With the same, have the ability to white shirt with the classic and refreshing degree of a fight, I am afraid that only blue and white striped shirt.

Ordinary blue and white stripes may be more passers-by, if you do not have the confidence to wear out the color, then, in fact, you can try to play something new, choose some cartoon style, this look to know from the Comme des Garçons PLAY The ▼

If you want to wear a shirt into a skirt that is difficult to see the visual, you only need to white shirt and blue and white lines with two pieces just like, remember to be a long short, take that piece can choose irregular Of the clothes, light leg wear or with denim hot pants are ok. If you think the stack is more difficult to wear out the feeling does not matter, directly wear long version of the shirt skirt, with a belt to pull…

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